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Air Conditioning Installation: Is It Too Late to Add Air Ducts?

Improving Your Overall Indoor Comfort

An air conditioning system in St. Petersburg, FL can be a godsend when it comes to keeping cool. A portable air conditioner may not be up to the task of cooling your home during our hot Florida weather, and a central air conditioning system with ducts traveling to every corner may be just the ticket. But what if you don’t have any pre-existing ducts in your home, or your ducts only extend through part of the home? Is it too late to add air ducts? Luckily, in most cases, it isn’t.

Installing or adding air ducts begins with a thorough inspection of your home from a professional. He or she will look for good spots to run a system of ducts, which usually means either the crawlspace between the walls or the attic. The technician will need to plan for vent locations as well, placing them at points that allow maximum airflow without creating drafts or cold spots.

Sizing the air ducts plays a huge role here. Ducts that are too small may restrict airflow and make it harder for the system to do its job. If you’re merely expanding your air duct system, this can be an easy equation – simply match the new ducts with the existing ducts – but if you’re installing an entire system, then proper sizing is key.

From there, the technician can run the ducts through your home to ensure that every room is covered, then test them to ensure there are no leaks or similar problems. For houses where air ducts aren’t possible, there are other options available, such as ductless mini-split systems that can cover every corner of the home as well. Either way, you want an expert like the people at Forest Air to help. We have years of experience with air conditioning installation in St. Petersburg, FL, and can discuss installation options with you, even if it’s too late to add air ducts. Call us today to make an appointment.

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