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Ways to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency in Your Tampa Bay Home

Improving Your Overall Indoor Comfort

Many homeowners are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their air conditioning system in Tampa Bay this summer. While we cannot control the costs of energy, there are ways to make your home more efficient in order to reduce the cooling costs. Fortunately, efficiency and comfort go hand in hand, and the more efficient your air conditioning is, the better the cooling experience. In this post, Forest Air would like to give you some tips about how to make your home more efficient this summer. For more information, or to schedule air conditioning maintenance in Tampa Baycall us today!

  • Install a programmable thermostat.  A programmable thermostat allows you to customize your cooling experience according to the time of day and days of the week. This is both convenient and energy-efficient. By automatically adjusting temperatures when you go to work or go to sleep, you can significantly reduce your utility bills. Also, the gradual shifts in temperature available with a programmable thermostat allow your system to make changes steadily, thereby reducing wear and tear.
  • Clean or replace your air filter.  Air filtration is not only an indoor air quality issue, but it also impacts the efficiency of your AC. If your cool air cannot effectively pass through the filter because it’s clogged or dirty, then your system has to work that much harder. It can also cause condensation and frost buildup problems.
  • Enroll in a maintenance plan.  There’s no substitute for professional air conditioning maintenance. A maintenance plan offers comprehensive system tune-ups, cleaning, and inspection.

We hope these air conditioning efficiency tips helped. If you think your system is no longer cooling as well as it once did, or you would like to schedule an AC maintenance service in Tampa Baycall Forest Air today!

If you are looking for Air Conditioning efficiency services in the St. Petersburg & Tampa Bay area, give us a call at (727) 339-5533 or fill out our online request form.

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