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St. Petersburg, FL Air Conditioning Concerns: Sounds and What They Mean

Improving Your Overall Indoor Comfort

In St. Petersburg, FL, air conditioning systems help keep our homes cool and comfortable when the mercury starts to rise. We can’t imagine living without them in the sultry conditions of the Gulf Coast. When sounds arise from the AC unit that you aren’t accustomed to, it probably means that there’s something wrong. A qualified professional can ascertain the problem quickly and get your AC unit up and running again before too much time elapses. What do the sounds mean? It depends on what you hear.

  • Hissing or whistling noises can be caused by leaks in the system: ruptures in the air ducts, loose fittings, or the like. In some cases, a faulty air compressor can result in hissing notices as well. Most are fairly standard issues that a qualified professional can identify and seal.
  • Buzzing or grinding noises can result from a bent fan blade that’s rubbing up against another component in the system. They might also come from a twig or piece of debris stuck in the vent, which the fan is similarly grinding against. In addition, the compressor motor or fan motor may be malfunctioning, creating a buzzing noise as it struggles to operate.
  • Rattling. A rattling noise might come from a loose bolt in the system. In some cases, it might come from a motor or similar component that has not been sufficiently ratcheted down.
  • Squealing noises can come from a problem with the fan belt or the heat pump compressor. The compressor can also create strange “wa-wa” noises similar to the sound made by a trombone.

Individual noises usually have very specific causes, but the noise alone is not enough to diagnose the problem. A trained professional will hunt down the precise cause using the noise as a guide, but not a complete diagnosis. The St. Petersburg, FL air conditioning technicians at Forest Air know how to identify strange sounds in your AC, and are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

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