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Common Central Air Conditioning Repairs in St. Petersburg, FL

Improving Your Overall Indoor Comfort

No one likes to think about repairing a major part of their home, especially when that part is as essential as central air conditioning and you live somewhere like St. Petersburg, FL. Our hot, muggy summers definitely make an impact, and as long as your air conditioning unit is running, it may be tempting to leave it be rather than shut it down to wait for repairs. Sooner or later, however, even the most reliable central air conditioning unit needs repairs. They are many different ways you can have problems with your AC, but you can identify some of the more common repair issues by their symptoms.

  • Low refrigerant. Refrigerant gases play a vital part in the cooling process and need to retain certain specified levels in your air conditioning unit in order to function. If your system springs a leak and refrigerant levels drop, ice will likely form on the evaporator coils, which interferes with the cooling process. The air conditioner must work harder to do its job, increasing wear and tear on the system and costing you more in monthly energy bills. If your bills go up unexpectedly, it may be due to low refrigerant levels.
  • Drainage problems. Most central air conditioning units possess a condensate pan and drain to catch and remove condensation. When the drain becomes clogged or some other aspect of the system isn’t working, the water levels can rise and cause damage to other components in the system. Stagnant water can also lead to strange odors, which you may be able to detect when the air conditioning system is running.
  • Lack of maintenance. When filters aren’t changed and the coils aren’t cleaner periodically, it can interfere with the system’s ability to function. The air conditioner must work harder to do its job and again, signs of strain will appear in various components. A properly trained service technician can keep your unit well-maintained and avoid potential repair bills.

If you detect signs of trouble in your central air conditioning unit – including low airflow, a lack of cool air, or higher electrical bills – call the experts at Forest Air. Contact us if you need air conditioning repair in St. Petersburg, FL!

If you are looking for professional Central Air Conditioning Repair in the St. Petersburg & Tampa Bay area, give us a call at (727) 339-5533 or fill out our online request form.

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