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Does a Poor Air Conditioning Installation Really Affect Performance? A Tampa Bay, FL AC Question

Improving Your Overall Indoor Comfort

Some may wonder how much of a difference a poor air conditioning installation makes. After all, can a few mistakes or improper fittings really affect its performance? If cold air blows into the house the way it’s supposed to, why sweat the little details? In truth, the little details matter quite a bit. A poor air conditioning installation in Tampa Bay, FL, can result in significant problems, especially during the sweltering humidity of summer when your AC really needs to work at maximum performance levels.

A poor air conditioning installation usually boils down to two issues: the use of subpar materials and the improper installation of specific equipment. Both can end up costing you money. Cheap installation materials, such as fittings and seals, will wear our fairly quickly, creating leaks and disruptions in the overall system. Any leaks in your air conditioning system reduce its overall effectiveness, as cool air leaks out rather than going into your home like it should. Many people purchase new AC units to lower their bills, and even those who don’t can appreciate spending less on energy every month. Poor equipment sabotages that goal even before the new AC has a chance to get started.

Similarly, shoddy equipment installation will impact the unit’s overall performance, and may even lead to serious repair bills down the line. For example, many air conditioning units feature a condensate tray, which captures condensation from the AC and drains it safely out of the system. If it isn’t installed properly, however, water can leak into other parts of the system, causing all manner of troubles requiring serious repairs to correct. That means high repair bills and increased wear and tear on your AC, shortening its life and forcing you to pay more money out of pocket.

For over 20 years, the experts at Forest Air have prided themselves on top-notch air conditioning installation services. Our trained staff can set you up with a new air conditioning unit quickly and efficiently, without skimping on the details in the process. We offer exceptional air conditioning installation in Tampa Bay, FL, and will make sure that your AC performs with maximum efficiency. Call us today and see what a difference proper installation makes.

If you are looking for Air Conditioning Installation services in the St. Petersburg & Tampa Bay area, give us a call at (727) 339-5533 or fill out our online request form.

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